What you see is What I see.

What you see is What I see:
A free technique to bring remote help.

Please note that some of the editing
(like the way some text might be displayed)
is done with accessibility in mind.

This website explains how to bring remote assistance to individuals
who are uncomfortable with technology,
with a “What you see Is What I see” service
that requires for the individual being helped
to have access to a smartphone using Android as an operating system
and on this list of supported devices.
The software used, developed by Teamviewer,
is free for personal, non-commercial use (as of 05/17/20).

Remote Assistance for People Uncomfortable with Technology
gives a general overview of the service.

How to make easier on a local helper
to install TeamViewer Host and TeamViewer Pilot
describes how to put most of the technical load
on a remote helper comfortable with technology.

The page “Starting a Remote Assistance Session from a Computer
gives an illustration of the service.


About Me

I developed this service to help my mom who lives overseas and thought that could be of help for others.
If you feel like doing so, you can donate for this work. Jean-Louis.
Also, if your cyberprotection solution doesn’t detect adverse network activity such as “ARP spoofing“, and if you use public networks, Internet Security by ESET does so. You can try ESET’s product for free for 30 days.